APS - INDIA Data (2015/16)

This survey measures Total Early-stage Entrepreneurial activity (TEA); the central pivot of the GEM in a country. TEA consists of percentage of individuals aged between 18-64 years who are in a process of either starting a new business or have recently started one. Thus the TEA has 2 components - Nascent entrepreneurs- individuals who are taking steps to start a business; and New Entrepreneurs- owner-managers of businesses less than 3.5 years in existence (Baby Business). While focusing on the above dynamic measure of entrepreneurship, we also devote some attention to established entrepreneurs, i.e. individuals who have been owner-managers of a business for more than 3.5 years. The APS data 2015/16 highlights are mentioned below:

TEA, EEA and Established Ownership Rate in Factor-driven Economies

TEA in Factor Driven Economies

Reasons for Entrepreneurial Exits in India

Comparison of TEA and Other Economic Indicators in India