Data Collection Process

GEM-INDIA Data Collection Process

The GEM data is gathered and derived from two main sources, namely

Adult Population Survey (APS)

The APS is a comprehensive questionnaire, administered to a minimum of 2000 adults in each GEM country, designed to collect detailed information on the entrepreneurial activity, attitudes and aspirations of respondents. At the beginning of each annual cycle, the central GEM data team drafts the survey, its sample, and all data collection requirements, providing these to the National Teams in the form of a Request for Proposal (RFP). Each National Team submits a proposal, which the data team carefully review, requesting additional information as necessary, and determining whether it meets the GEM criteria. Only when the GEM central data team is satisfied that the proposal meets all such requirements is the National Team approved to begin their survey.

National Experts Survey (NES)

The NES is a survey instrument administered to a minimum of 36 ‘experts’ in each GEM country, allowing the measurement of the nine key Entrepreneurial Framework Conditions (EFCs): Finance, Government policies, Government programs, Entrepreneurial education and training, R&D transfer, Commercial and professional infrastructure, Internal market openness, Physical infrastructure and services and Cultural and social norms. GEM National Teams are required to interview at least four experts for each EFC. For example, the team may choose to interview venture capitalists or business angels to cover 'Finance'; they may interview researchers or scientists to cover 'R&D transfer'.

The APS provides information regarding the level of entrepreneurial activity in the country whereas; the NES gives insights into the entrepreneurial startup environment in each economy/country with regard to the nine entrepreneurial framework conditions.