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The 2019-20 GEM Report published

The 2019-20 GEM Report completes its 21 years of measuring entrepreneurship-related activities. The study had a noble mission of generating globally-comparative data of entrepreneurial activity. It helped identify factors determining national levels of entrepreneurial activity as well as policies aimed at enhancing entrepreneurial activity. It measures entrepreneurship through surveys and interviews of various field experts, conducted by the teams at respective countries. The GEM survey generates a variety of relevant, primary information on different aspects of entrepreneurship and provides harmonised measures about individuals attributes and their activities in different phases of venturing (from nascent to start-up to established business and to discontinuation).

The GEM Report 2019-2020 throws light on entrepreneurial trends and practices amidst changing business and economic contours. We express gratitude to the Centre for Research in Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CREED) for providing financial support for this project. The consortium has been constantly putting in efforts to research the ways and means that could bolster the entrepreneurship scenario so that the entrepreneurs, the lifeblood of economies, continue to perform a potent role.

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